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At some point in each our lives, we all will be touched by the illness or death of someone special.

Our current focus is to build, furnish and equip our residential Hospice. As we work towards the start of our Hospice, we also enter into a new chapter of supporting enhancements that will ensure the best care possible for those coping with end-of-life in our community.

  • Enhancing clinical care of patients with complementary therapies and specialized equipment
  • Supporting hospice palliative care volunteer education
  • Enhancing the Hospice setting for family and patient comfort
  • Creating a learning “Hub” for families and patients, professional staff and the community

Read Our Fundraising Priorities (pdf)

Become a member of the Circle of Care

What is the Circle of Care?
It is comprised of donors to the Valley Hospice Foundation who have made a commitment to a monthly donation of any size.

Why is it named the Circle of Care?
The circle represents the passage of time and the seasons of life - we start life requiring care and we often end life requiring care.

Why might I consider monthly donations?
Monthly giving is easy. The donation is taken from your VISA or bank account on a specified day and you do not have to think about it again. A monthly donation can make a big impact over the year and you will get a tax receipt acknowledging all your donations. Monthly giving also ensures that the foundation has available funds to allocate towards current priorities.

Join the Circle of Care!

Cheryl Smith, a retired nurse of 40 years, expresses that her monthly donations to the Valley Hospice Foundation remind her of the importance hospice care will have in our community.

“Upon retirement, I wanted to give back to our community by supporting the Valley Hospice Foundation. Having spent 40 years as a nurse providing care to people at the beginning of their lives, it seems very fitting to now support end-of-life care. To me, the two are closely intertwined."

Host an Event (3rd Party FUNDERAISING)

The hospice programming relies on the generosity and kindness of individuals and organizations who commit to raise funds for the Valley Hospice Foundation. In addition to the money raised third party events can raise the profile of the hospice and create new friends for the work of the Hospice.

What is a Third Party Event?
Third Party Events are any fundraising/promotional events or activities which are intended to benefit the Foundation but are not managed by the Foundation itself.

To help you get started to plan your fundraising event on behalf of Valley Hospice Foundation please refer to the following:

Memorial Gifts
Memorial gifts honor the memory of someone who has passed away and provide a way to express sympathy to the family.

Celebration and Tribute Gifts
Celebration and tribute gifts honor living individuals and are a perfect way to send birthday greetings, congratulate weddings, anniversaries and births or acknowledge another special occasion.

Mail-in Donor Form
Click here for the mail-in donor form (pdf)

Planned Giving
Planning a gift through your will, life insurance policies, publicly traded securities, retirement funds, charitable remainder trusts, and gifts of other valuables can have more impact than you even imagined. Please speak to your Financial Advisor today.

If you would like more information about the Hospice or about making a donation to the Valley Hospice Foundation please contact Dale Sanford.

The Valley Hospice Foundation

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23 Earnscliffe Avenue
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Charity Reg. No. 894902923RR001

Donate Now Through! Faire un don maintenant par!

Please Support Our Work

Our scope of support encompasses key issues affecting hospice and palliative care.

While some choose to direct their gifts to a specific area that’s near and dear to their hearts, often the best way to make an impact is by giving an unrestricted gift. This type of gift enables support of important needs as they arise.

When you give a gift you can be sure that we will put your gift to good use in the area of care that will benefit most from your generosity.

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One would want to go out surrounded by calm-orderly, unhurried, unbossy. There is no reason why this can’t happen.

Alex Colville /

Alex Colville

“During the five years of our Dad’s condition, we were fortunate to have a great support system, with amazing friends and family. Our family can’t express enough how thankful we are for this support system. Dealing with end of life for a loved one, we were able to witness firsthand and understand the necessity of a Hospice in the community”.

Sebastian Joseph /

Sebastian Joseph

A volunteer sat with my mother and me at my dying father’s bedside at VRH several years ago. Her gentle warmth and compassion eased our stress and sadness during the last day of my father’s life.

Shauna Coldwell Sweeney /

Shauna Coldwell Sweeney