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Volunteer Program

The Valley Hospice Foundation provides funding to support NSHA’s new Volunteer Program for the Annapolis Valley. Your donation to the program will ensure that well trained and specialized volunteers are available to help families in their homes, in the hospital, and will be ready to serve patients when the Hospice doors are first opened.

NSHA Hospice Palliative Care Volunteer Program

How Do I Become a Hospice Palliative Care Volunteer?

  • Complete the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) Volunteer Application Form and submit it to Jennifer Moore, Volunteer Resources Consultant.
  • Jennifer Moore, Volunteer Resources Consultant will then contact and meet with you to discuss your interest in volunteering.
  • A criminal record check would need to be completed. This is required for all volunteers and the cost will be covered by NSHA.
  • After the criminal record check is received, an interview would take place with the Manager of Palliative Care.
  • Reference checks would then be completed by the Manager of Palliative Care.
  • If everyone is in agreement, you will be signed up for the palliative care volunteer education program. 

What Is This Education Program?

Palliative Care Volunteers are required to complete a 24-hour education program prior to being assigned to a patient. You will also have to attend a half-day Health Authority Orientation Session.

Will I Be Supported Once I Start As A Volunteer?

Yes, a part-time Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator has been hired. The Coordinator will check in with you regularly once you get started and you will be able to call the Coordinator to discuss any concerns that you have. There will also be regular volunteer meetings and ongoing education sessions.

Volunteers must be prepared for the many complicated issues of dying. They are skilled in listening without judging or giving advice, and have respect for personal beliefs and the need for confidentiality. Volunteers require education as well as ongoing coordination, supervision, support and upgrading.


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Our scope of support encompasses key issues affecting hospice and palliative care.

While some choose to direct their gifts to a specific area that’s near and dear to their hearts, often the best way to make an impact is by giving an unrestricted gift. This type of gift enables support of important needs as they arise.

When you give a gift you can be sure that we will put your gift to good use in the area of care that will benefit most from your generosity.

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Volunteer Program

One would want to go out surrounded by calm-orderly, unhurried, unbossy. There is no reason why this can’t happen.

Alex Colville /

Alex Colville

“During the five years of our Dad’s condition, we were fortunate to have a great support system, with amazing friends and family. Our family can’t express enough how thankful we are for this support system. Dealing with end of life for a loved one, we were able to witness firsthand and understand the necessity of a Hospice in the community”.

Sebastian Joseph /

Sebastian Joseph

A volunteer sat with my mother and me at my dying father’s bedside at VRH several years ago. Her gentle warmth and compassion eased our stress and sadness during the last day of my father’s life.

Shauna Coldwell Sweeney /

Shauna Coldwell Sweeney