Board of Directors 2017/18


  • Diana Patterson - Chair 
  • Don Wells – Vice Chair 
  • Wayne Woodman - Treasurer 


  • David Acton 
  •  Robbie Harrison 
  •  Beverly Richardson 
  •  Martha Stewart 
  •  Brenda Wallace-Allen 

The present Directors (eight in all) have shown exemplary patience and diligence, and deserve a heartfelt thank you for their service to the Hospice project.

Since the Valley Hospice Foundation’s inception in 2000; there have been four changes of government and seven Ministers of Health. During this period twenty-nine Directors have served or are serving on the Board of what is now known (since 2008) as the Valley Hospice Foundation. Many changes have taken place in the community over the years, particularly in Health Care, most notably in matters relating to Nova Scotia’s aging population and the need for assisted living, nursing homes and hospice palliative care.


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One would want to go out surrounded by calm-orderly, unhurried, unbossy. There is no reason why this can’t happen.

Alex Colville /

Alex Colville

“During the five years of our Dad’s condition, we were fortunate to have a great support system, with amazing friends and family. Our family can’t express enough how thankful we are for this support system. Dealing with end of life for a loved one, we were able to witness firsthand and understand the necessity of a Hospice in the community”.

Sebastian Joseph /

Sebastian Joseph

A volunteer sat with my mother and me at my dying father’s bedside at VRH several years ago. Her gentle warmth and compassion eased our stress and sadness during the last day of my father’s life.

Shauna Coldwell Sweeney /

Shauna Coldwell Sweeney