About the Valley Hospice Foundation

The Valley Hospice Foundation was formed in 2000 for the purpose of establishing a Hospice and Palliative Care Centre, and enriching the enhancement of Hospice and Palliative Care in the Annapolis Valley, and to solicit and be stewards of donated funds to support the care.


The Foundation is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and is a registered charity by the Canada Revenue Agency under the Income Tax Act.


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Advisory & Advocacy

Once the Hospice and Palliative Care Centre becomes operational, there will be active, significant and ongoing representation from the Valley Hospice Foundation (5/11 of the membership) on a Hospice Advisory Group that will provide advice to support the sustainability and growth of the Hospice and Palliative Care program in the Annapolis Valley. The advisory group will replace the Hospice Options Working Group, but will continue with similar work. This group is currently developing policies for the operation of the Hospice and Palliative Care Centre.

"The Valley Hospice Foundation and Annapolis Valley Health are jointly committed to provide accessible, appropriate and quality end-of-life care and bereavement support for individuals and families throughout the Annapolis Valley."

Adapted from original Joint Vision Statement – March 2005

Mission & Values

The Mission Statement of the Valley Foundation for Hospice is:

"To establish a residential hospice in the Annapolis Valley for those living with, or dying from, a life limiting illness and to serve those who care for them."

  • To raise the funds to build, equip and furnish the hospice facility;
  • To build upon the growing base of visibility and respect for the organization as a community partner and secure the funds required to operate the hospice as a pilot project;
  • To position the organization for future costs;
  • To cooperate with other agencies/bodies whose responsibilities include similar objectives.

"Our vision is a residential hospice which will include a resource centre for learning opportunities for professionals and volunteers who work with dying people and provide space for creative support programs and complementary therapies that are essential to improving the life of a dying person and those who are close to them."

Board of Directors 2016/17

Ms. Diana Patterson, Chair
Dr. Jim Perkin, Past Chair
Dr. Don Wells, Vice Chair
Mr. Wayne Woodman, Treasurer

Dr. David Acton
Mr. Robert Harrison
Ms. Beverly Richardson
Ms. Martha Stewart
Ms. Brenda Wallace-Allen
Dr. Karen Burch


July 18, 2013
"We are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Alex Colville. Dr. Colville was a founding member of the Valley Hospice Board of Directors and a respected friend to the Hospice movement in the Valley. We send our sincere condolences to his family. He will truly be missed. "
Diana Patterson, Chair

Annual Reports (PDF)

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"A society is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable members."

Knowing first hand the impact hospices have had in other provinces and in other countries, individuals in the Annapolis Valley, associated with people with terminal illnesses, knew it was time for a hospice in the Annapolis Valley.

The VON Annapolis Valley along with members of the Department of Sociology at Acadia University, and others in the county, decided to explore the possibility of establishing a hospice. A needs assessment and feasibility study were conducted. The overwhelming majority of respondents (87 percent), including healthcare professionals, patients and their families felt that there was a need for a hospice in the Annapolis Valley.

Making the most of Community Partners
In August 2000, the VON Annapolis Valley established the VON Kings Hospice Foundation, which later became the Valley Hospice Foundation (VHF), to develop and implement a plan for establishing a hospice in the Annapolis Valley. In 2005, the Foundation and Annapolis Valley Health (AVH) came together to explore their common visions for end of life care in the district. Recently the Hospice Foundation has joined forces with the Valley Regional Hospital Foundation to develop a joint fundraising effort that will address a variety of needs from conception to end of life.

When Care at Home Isn't an Option
The focus of hospice palliative care is to provide care to the dying in their location of choice. The hospice will support those who are unable to or do not wish to die at home. It will help those who require short term admission to bring symptoms under control. Hospice as part of the community will ensure accessibility to holistic hospice palliative care services.

The hospice will be integrated into the programs of the Annapolis Valley Hospice Palliative Care Program. This will ensure seamless transition of patients moving from the community into the hospice and vice versa.

"People who are dying need their own things around them in a place where rules are relaxed and perhaps music can be played. They need someone who can take the time simply to be present, quietly caring and listening, and recognizing them as a unique and valued individual. They need the care of nurses and physicians who specialize in hospice palliative care - pain management and symptom control. They and those who are close to them need people around them who can help them manage the feelings they are having, not only about death and loss, but the difficulties experienced during the course of illness and treatment."