Valley Hospice Foundation

Hospice & Palliative Care helps families face life limiting illness with dignity and comfort surrounded by a circle of support. Over 10 years ago, members of our community dared to dream that it would be possible to have a place that could bring memories of light during life's most difficult journey.


Please watch a digital story by Brenda Wallace-Allen:

Valley Hospice - From Dream to Reality



The Hospice & Palliative Care Centre will be approximately 7500 square feet, and is specifically designed to serve hospice palliative patients in a peaceful, comfortable, home-like environment.

  • Landscaping with therapeutic gardens
  • Sensitive use of colors
  • Natural light and ventilation
  • Separate entrance
  • 8 private bedrooms 
  • Resource room and appropriate office/conference spaces

What's Inside?

Private Spaces

8 private bedrooms will support patients who are in the end stages of a life limiting illness and patients who require a brief stay to bring symptoms under control. The bedrooms will accommodate a family member overnight and each will have a private washroom. A tub/shower room for patients and shower room for families will be in this area.

A "Quiet Room" close to the bedrooms area, designed to suit person of any faith and will create a spiritual environment. A section to link the hospice to the hospital will be designed as an atrium with plants and large windows.

Common Spaces

A living room that includes a children’s play area, comfortable seating, artwork, plants, TV/DVD, bookshelves and music.  It will have a view to the gardens. A full kitchen/dining area that includes seating for families.

Centre of Excellence for Palliative Care

Our vision is that the Hospice Centre will be a resource for learning opportunities for professionals and volunteers who work with dying people and will provide space for creative and grief support programs.  It will also allow for additional office/meeting space for the District Palliative Care Team.

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